Monday, 27 May 2013

Island Charms: 10 nights in May 2014

This cruise is one of the few which leave from Auckland, making it easy for New Zealanders to get in on the action! The 10-night cruise visits some great places in the lovely island country of Vanuatu.

The first stop comes after 3 days at sea, settling in to the Pacific Pearl and relaxing by the pool! Champagne Bay has a perfect white-sand beach, and beach volleyball games are a highlight at this port. Pentecost Island is next up, and is home to a cultural quirk- men of the island participate in a vine-jumping tradition which sees them jump from high platforms with nothing but vines tied to their ankles. It is certainly an impressive sight to behold, and the scenery is not too shabby either.

Champagne Bay

The cruise makes somewhat of a return to civilisation at Port Vila, a port town which is Vanuatu's capital. Here you can find a restaurant or cafe, and watch fishing boats come and go in the busy harbour. There is also a great market of handicrafts and produce. The final port of call is Mystery Island, a gorgeous and uninhabited tiny island of Vanuatu.

Operator: P&O
Vessel: Pacific Pearl
Ports of Call: Auckland, Champagne Bay, Pentecost Island, Port Vila, Mystery Island
Sailing Dates: Monday 5th May 2014- Thursday 15th May 2014

Cruise Itinerary

Length of cruise: 10 nights

Day 1: Auckland, departing Mon 5 May 16:00
Day 2-4: At sea
Day 5: Champagne Bay, Fri 9 May 08:00- 17:00
Day 6: Pentecost Island, Sat 10 May 08:00- 17:00
Day 7: Port Vila, Sun 11 May 8:00- 18:00
Day 8: Mystery Island, Mon 12 May 08:00- 16:00
Day 9-10: At sea
Day 11: Auckland, arriving Thurs 5 May 07:00

About the Pacific Pearl

The Pacific Pearl is a gem in the P&O fleet, full of the features that passengers love. There is a rock-climbing wall, mini-golf, pool and gym for those who want to keep active, and sun loungers galore for the rest of us, as well as a great spa! Dining happens in the lovely Waterfront restaurant or the buffet, with the Salt Grill an option for the foodies at a small cover charge, where the menu is designed by celebrity chef Luke Mangan.

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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Mother's Day Cruise: 3 nights in May 2013

This cruise is all about pampering for mums- no port stops, just 3 nights of relaxation aboard the Pacific Jewel. Your mum will enjoy the spa, fitness centre, pool and loungers, the onboard chocolate cafe and five dining venues, and be entertained in the evening by the bars and the live shows. There is also a high-wire and trapeze arena for stunning outdoor entertainment, and get in quick to treat mum to dinner at the fabulous Salt Grill by celebrity chef Luke Mangan.

Operator: P&O Australia
Vessel: Pacific Jewel
Ports of Call: Sydney
Sailing Dates: May 10th 2013- May 13th 2013

Cruise Itinerary

Length of cruise: 3 nights

Day 1: Sydney, departing Fri 10 May 16:00
Day 2-3: At sea
Day 4: Sydney arriving Mon 13 May 07:00

Pacific Jewel
by Lee Gilbert Flickr Creative Commons

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Monday, 3 September 2012

Week Tropique: 7 nights in May 2013

This week of cruising will take you to the tropical highlights of northern Queensland! Departing from Brisbane, the first stop is at Airlie Beach in the Whitsundays, a popular holiday destination for Australians and international tourists. Next is Yorkey's Knob, a port which is part of the city of Cairns, which has swimming beaches to the north and south and is close to the incredible Daintree Rainforest. Port Douglas comes after that, a town which features the stunning 4-mile beach. The final item on the agenda before the ship returns to Brisbane is scenic cruising at Willis Island, which is protected against landings but passengers will enjoy the scenery and birdlife from the ship.

Port Douglas
by Fifi le Roux Flickr Creative Commons

Operator: P&O
Vessel: Pacific Dawn
Ports of Call: Brisbane, Airlie Beach, Yorkey's Knob, Port Douglas, Willis Island (scenic cruising)
Sailing Dates: Saturday 11th May 2013- Saturday 18th May 2013

Cruise Itinerary

Length of cruise: 7 nights

Day 1: Brisbane, departing Sat 11 May 14:00
Day 2: At sea
Day 3: Airlie Beach, Mon 13 May 07:00- 16:00
Day 4: Yorkey's Knob, Tues 14 May 09:00- 18:30
Day 5: Port Douglas, Wed 15 May 08:00- 18:00
Day 6: Willis Island (scenic), Thurs 16 May 10:00- 11:00
Day 7: At sea
Day 8: Brisbane, arriving Sat 18 May 06:00

About the Pacific Dawn

The Pacific Dawn is cruising out of Brisbane year-round, with new additions such as connecting cabins for families, a giant LED screen and some new evening venues like the MIX cocktail bar. Dining happens in the lovely Waterfront Restaurant, and there is a buffet and casual grill for less formal eating. Gourmet lovers can try the specialty restaurants- La Luna for Asian Cuisine or Salt Grill by celebrity chef Luke Mangan. Evenings can be spent in bars, lounges and the theatre, or the Dome which is a large entertainment area with great views and activities during the day and live music, comedy and the like at night. Other day entertainment includes the pool, the gym, the sun loungers, the library and more.

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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise: 15 nights in May 2013

This amazing cruise leaves from Miami in Florida, where you can sneak in some great partying before embarking! The first 8 days are spent enjoying the ship and the views as you cross the Atlantic ocean like the glamorous days of ocean liner travel. The first port of call in Europe is Funchal on Madeira Island, where the vegetation is lush and the scenery splendid! Next is the amazing city of Lisbon in Portugal, where you can walk mosaic footpaths and see gothic cathedrals, monasteries, quaint museums and much more. Le Havre is next, gateway port to Paris, the City of Love which needs no introduction! The ship then sails by the White Cliffs to Dover, where you can see the Dover Castle and the amazing archaeological site of the Roman Painted House. The final stop is in Amsterdam, a vibrant and multicultural city of canals, tall and narrow houses and coffee shops. The house where Anne Frank hid and wrote her diary is here, and for the more risque passenger there is also a sex museum!

by Chris Yunker Flickr Creative Commons

by Chris Yunker Flickr Creative Commons

Operator: Celebrity Cruises
Vessel: Celebrity Constellation
Ports of Call: Miami, Madeira, Lisbon, Le Havre, Dover, Amsterdam
Sailing Dates: Sunday 5 May 2013- Monday 20 May 2013

Cruise Itinerary

Length of cruise: 15 nights

Day 1: Miami, departing Sun 5 May 17:00
Day 2-8: At sea
Day 9: Madeira, Mon 13 May 09:00- 18:00
Day 10: At sea
Day 11: Lisbon, Wed 15 May 12:00- 20:00
Day 12-13: At sea
Day 14: Le Havre (Paris), Sat 18 May 07:00- 21:00
Day 15: Dover, Sun 19 May 07:00- 15:00
Day 16: Amsterdam, arriving Mon 20 May 05:00

About the Celebrity Constellation:
The Constellation with her distinctive white and navy paint job is a shining example of Celebrity's innovative fleet. She has been brought in line with the amazing Solstice Class, making her spacious, light and airy, and very stylish. To entertain, there are vegas-style shows in the evening, as well as the bars and lounges with various things going on. Try the futuristic Martini Bar! During the day, chill out with wine tasting, sun loungers, the pools and gym, dance classes and interesting and informative lectures by various experts. There is also an onboard movie theatre. Passengers can select an early or late seating or 'Celebrity Select Dining whereby they can pre-reserve or just walk in between 6pm and 9:30pm. There is a casual buffet open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and there is also a poolside grill for even more casual eating. Ocean Liners is the upscale cover-charge restaurant with amazing food.

Celebrity Constellation
by gailf548 Flickr Creative Commons

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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

South Pacific: 10 nights in May 2013

 by platibolo Flickr Creative Commons

See the sights of New Caledonia and Vanuatu with this Carnival South Pacific cruise. Leaving from Sydney, after a few relaxing days at sea to explore the ship, you will arrive in Port Vila, Vanuatu's capital. This is a charming town situated around a natural harbour where you can sit and watch the fishing boats come and go. The markets are popular here, and tours can be done to nearby waterfalls and the botanic gardens and cultural centre. The next stop is Mystery Island, which is more tropical and amazing than it is mysterious! It is uninhabited, but locals will come over from neighbouring islands to greet and entertain. Moving on to New Caledonia, next up is the french and melanesian fusion that is New Caledonia. Try some amazing french cuisine in the city, and take a trip out to the Tjibaou Cultural Centre to learn a bit about the native culture! Then move on to Poum in the less-inhabited north of the New Caledonian mainland. It is situated in the world's largest lagoon, and white sand beaches abound. Head back to Sydney with a few more relaxing sea days!

Operator: Carnival
Vessel: Carnival Spirit
Ports of Call: Sydney, Port Vila, Mystery Island, New Caledonia, Poum
Sailing Dates: Thursday 9 May 2013- Sunday 19 May 2013

Cruise Itinerary

Length of cruise: 10 nights

Day 1: Sydney, departing Thu 9 May 18:30
Day 2-4: At sea
Day 5: Port Vila, Mon 13 May 08:00- 17:00
Day 6: Mystery Island, Tues 14 May 08:00- 17:00
Day 7: Noumea,  Wed 15 May 08:00- 17:00
Day 8: Poum, Thurs 16 May 08:00- 17:00
Day 9-10: At sea
Day 11: Sydney, arriving Sun 19 May 06:30

About the Carnival Spirit:

The Carnival Spirit is heading Down Under to be based permanently out of Sydney, and has had a few additions for her new audience, including the super-fast Green Thunder waterslide! An outdoor BBQ area has also been added for barbie-loving Aussies and Kiwis. The main dining room is the two-deck Empire with sumptuous decor and food. Carnival Classics are popular, and there are Spa Carnival healthier options. La Playa Grill is the place for casual buffet options, and if you get hungry between meals, afternoon tea is served in the Artists' Lobby! A complimentary limited menu room service is available. Public areas on the ship are decorated in an array of styles from all over the world, and there are many things to keep you busy, from the bars, clubs, theatres and live music to the more outdoorsy pursuits such as the waterpark, the gym with ocean views, and of course the pool.

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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Island Delights: 9 Nights in May 2012

Pacific Jewel
by Kate Ausburn Flickr Creative Commons

See some of the most popular ports in New Caledonia and Vanuatu on this 9-night island hop. Leave from Sydney and get into the swing of relaxing with a few days at sea before arrival in Noumea, New Caledonia's tropical capital. The city is a blend of traditional Melanesian culture and French food and architecture, making it a fascinating- and yummy!- place to look around. Next stop is Maré in the beautiful Loyalty Islands of New Caledonia, and then the cruise continues to the picture perfect and tiny paradise of Mystery Island, part of the Vanuatu group. The island is uninhabited so passengers will encounter just palm trees, white sand, blue water and locals singing a welcome.The final stop before returning to Sydney with a few more sea days is the Isle of Pines in New Caledonia. There, pine trees meet white, white sand- a great place to get in for a snorkel.

Cruise Operator: P&O
Vessel: Pacific Jewel
Ports of Call: Sydney, Noumea, Maré, Mystery Island, Isle of Pines
Sailing Dates: Departing Thursday 10 May, Returning Saturday 19 May

Cruise Itinerary

Length of cruise: 9 nights.

 Day 1: Sydney, departing Thu 10 May 16:00
Day 2-3: At sea
Day 4: Noumea, Sun 13 May 08:00-17:30
Day 5: Maré, Mon 14 May 08:00-17:00
Day 6: Mystery Island, Tues May 15 08:00-17:00
Day 7: Isle of Pines, Wed May 16 08:00-16:00
Day 8-9: At sea
Day 10: Sydney, returning Sat May 19 07:00

About the Pacific Jewel

The Pacific Jewel joined P&O Australia's fleet in 2009, with the first oceangoing trapeze arena and the largest onboard spa. The famed Salt Grill by Luke Magan specialty restaurant is onboard, as well as P&O's usual flexible dining in the main dining room and casual dining options, inlcuding a self-serve buffet. The Jewel has extensive oceanview spa facilities. There are 8 bars and 4 entertainment facilities, a casino, kid's club, 2 pools and much, much more to keep you and your family busy. The Pacific Jewel's evening entertainment is legendary- broadway-type shows, comedy, live music and dancing. Read more about the Pacific Jewel here.

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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Bermuda & Northeast Cruise: 8 - nights in May 2012

BDA BermudaBe adventurous and set sail into Bermuda and the North East of The States. Leave from Baltimore, spend a night at sea and then two nights in Kings Wharf, Bermuda. King's Wharf has something for everyone. Sample typical island food and stroll through the shops and museums of the Royal Naval Dockyard, an impressive military fortress built in 1815.  Sail the clear waters of Hamilton Sound. Find quaint gems at the Bermuda Arts Center and Craft Market. Or have a close encounter with dolphins at Dolphin Quest, where you can swim, dance and kiss these magnificent sea creatures. Set sail for Boston, the cradle of the American Revolution and one of the oldest cities in the United States. With an unrivaled history, old New England charm and cosmopolitan sophistication, Boston offers a fascinating travel experience to any visitor. New England's historic summer home of the rich and famous, Newport boasts enduring elegance and charm. Sailing regattas are still all the rage as are the popular jazz and folk festivals. There are plenty of amazing ocean-side restaurants. And no trip would be complete without a tour of the opulent Newport Mansions.

Cruise Operator: Royal Caribbean International
Vessel: Enchantment of the Seas
Ports of Call: Baltimore, Kings Wharf, Kings Wharf, Boston, Newport, Baltimore.
Sailing Dates: Departs: Thu, May 3 2012. Arrives: Fri, May 11 2012.

Cruise Itinerary

Total length of Cruise: 8-nights.

Bermuda & Northeast Itinerary Days / Ports of Call / Arrivals and Departures

Day 1 - Baltimore - Thu, May 3 2012 16:00
Day 3 - Kings Wharf - Sat, May 5 2012 11:30 - Sat, May 5 2012 00:00
Day 4 - Kings Wharf - Sun, May 6 2012 00:00 - Sun, May 6 2012 17:00
Day 6 - Boston - Tue, May 8 2012 08:00 - Tue, May 8 2012 16:00
Day 7 - Newport - Wed, May 9 2012 10:00 - Wed, May 9 2012 18:00
Day 9 - Baltimore - Fri, May 11 2012 07:00

About the Enchantment of the Seas.

After the ship version of an "extreme makeover" in early 2005, Enchantment of the Seas is fully refurbished and brimming with exciting new features. Bungee trampolines, suspension bridges and an expanded Pool Deck will please adventurous guests, and the interactive Splash Deck is a great spot for kids to get soaked. Enjoy Boleros, a new Latin-themed lounge; work up a sweat in the fitness facilities; and then cool down with a cone from Ben & Jerry's. Enchantment of the Seas is more, well... enchanting, than ever!  Read more about the Enchantment of the Seas here!

Royal Caribbean Enchantment Of The Seas australia cruise sale